Better outcomes for students, faculty, alumni, and campus vendors

As an institution for higher learning, you are challenged to provide best-in-class service in support of people’s futures. The complexities of today’s higher-ed landscape go beyond paperless operation – especially when critical information exists outside of your core SIS, ERP, and CRM systems.


It’s possible that you’re not able to access key information that better enables you to make important decisions directly related to the futures that you’re helping to create. And if gaps in your processes are slowing your team down – you’re likely suffering the impact of higher stress, poor motivation, and a disjointed approach towards your overall mission.


Shamrock Solutions helps to eliminate the negative impact of disjointed processes and applications for your campus. With years of implementation experience in higher education, we can create a level of student communication management, secure file sharing, electronic form creation, and custom workflow development that seamlessly connects with your existing systems and applications.


Student enrollment software 


Case management solutions


Intelligent data extraction for transcripts


Secure, world-class hosting architecture


IT infrastrucutre architecture and support


Easy for creation and extraction
Piles of Paper
Intelligent Data Extraction for Transcripts

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