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Speed up processing and elevate the customer experience

There’s no question. The political ecosystem has experienced a fundamental shift since the 2016 election. Now more than ever, your actions are under constant scrutiny as your office works to deliver on behalf of your constituents. And with dwindling budgets year over year, every available dollar is needed to advance your most important initiatives.


Shamrock Solutions has experience working with government offices of all sizes to maximize the integrity and workability of their existing systems. Through an integrated discovery and planning process, our team can deliver cutting edge optimizations that address the impact of the problems you’re experiencing with your current processes – all while planning for future innovation and success. Partner with Shamrock Solutions to eliminate paper-based and low-value tasks with tools that connect to your established systems through automation.

Finance & Administration

  • Accounts Payable

  • Public records requests

  • Agenda and minutes

  • Land records

  • Contract & Vendor Management

  • Human Resources

  • Assessor

  • Tax

Health, Housing, & Human Services

  • Eligibility determination

  • Client & tenant files

  • Compliance

  • Grant & contract management

  • Child support enforcement

  • Vital records

Planning & Public Works

  • Permitting & licensing

  • Plan review

  • Asset management

  • GIS integration

  • Code enforcement

  • Field inspections

Justice & Public Safety

  • Records management

  • Court case management

  • Jail management

  • Probation

  • Public defender

  • Virtual court files


Let's talk about your processing automation goals.

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