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Enterprise Search

Locate and leverage existing content - wherever it exists

Enterprise Search is an essential technology for any organization that relies on quick access to information found in various documents, files, document-types, emails and more. With an intelligent implementation of enterprise search from Shamrock Solutions, you’ll be able to locate and leverage specific content wherever it exists inside your organization – a time saving, stress killing experience that puts answers to your questions within immediate reach.


When locating key information is simple and straightforward, work happens faster and with better outcomes – especially in organizations where a lot of information is created by different people and saved in different formats/locations. With Enterprise Search, you’ll not only be empowered to access information quickly – but compelled to take action immediately, completing a task, eliminating the impact of a problem you’re experiencing in your business, or elevating the integrity of your processes. Enterprise Search implementation by Shamrock Solutions relies on faceted navigation, conversational search, natural language support, and other intuitive features to put you face-to-face with the content you’re looking for.

With enterprise search, you:


  • Centralize access to your disparate business information

  • Locate files in the absence of perfect search terms

  • Derive greater meaning and usable insight from your content

  • Elevate the integrity of your business processes

  • Experience the benefits of an advanced search platform

Let's talk about making your organization's content fully searchable.

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