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Compliance Agent

Monitor and certify your regulated business processes with ease

With the continuing expansion of The Internet of Things (IOT), the proliferation of mobile devices and a wider range of content storage options – companies and government entities of all sizes have more unstructured data than ever before. It’s harder to limit access to such information, control what happens with it and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Data breaches can lead to multi-million dollar fines, loss of customer and citizen confidence and the leaking of information that can give away a competitive advantage.



“Many organizations have policies for structured information but not for unstructured data that’s becoming more prevalent in all industries and is under increasing threat from hackers, state-sponsored organizations and others who are determined to obtain it illegally.


Finding a better way to secure unstructured data with defined systems, policies and procedures not only reduces the risk of data breaches but also builds trust and confidence with customers, which is essential in today’s increasingly competitive business world.”

- Avani Desai, Principal and Executive Vice President at Schellman

Compliance Agent makes it possible to monitor and certify regulated business practices with ease. As part of your unique workflow, compliance technology makes it possible to store documents automatically, expedite approvals and generate a visual overview of who in your organization has accessed, edited or viewed important documents.


If you work in a regulated industry – or have specific regulations in place for your organization, compliance technology should be seen as a necessary component to your success. And with the cost of compliance errors reaching new highs, you want to be sure that you have immediate access to the detailed data auditors are requesting. Here are a few benefits of automated compliance technology:


  • Track all compliance activity via a single source

  • Remove human-error related to reporting

  • Provide important information in response to audit requests quicker

  • Implement regulatory change requirements with less downtime

  • Segment access for sensitive material to key people

  • Reduce audit costs with workflow automation

  • Expedite approval processes with workflow compliance automation

  • Protect data that’s waiting to be uploaded to a server, is already stored on the server or is streaming between a server and client

  • Encrypt at rest files

  • Use advanced OCR technology to find and redact SPII, including social security numbers, medical records numbers, student identification numbers and more

  • Limit file access and editing privileges to only authorized personnel who need it

  • Apply such measures to historical information and new data like ensuring secure, day-forward processing and retention

  • Demonstrate to auditors and regulators that they’re following a defined and repeatable approach to data security

“We’re committed to helping our customers protect the sensitive information of their employees and customers. 


Compliance Agent is one of the ways that we can help achieve this by protecting unstructured data no matter where it resides, who needs access to it and which devices and content management systems they’re using.”

- Robert Albright, Shamrock Founder and CEO


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