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Expedite invoice processing while alleviating tedious manual data entry

Mailrooms are often plagued with a multitude of problems


Mailroom Clerks often have time-consuming tasks such as opening, recording, and labeling all incoming documents. They often must identify, sort, photocopy and deliver mail to several departments, sometimes in different cities or even countries, which requires yet another process. What happens if an invoice or payment falls through the cracks and vanishes? Or even worse, a critical time-sensitive document?


The best business decisions depend on thorough and timely information. When important mail is waiting to be processed, it slows down the entire company. From new orders, approvals, contracts, and other important documents, decision-makers can’t afford to wait for information.

With Shamrock Solutions’ Smart Capture® automated mailroom technology, large organizations that have numerous remote locations - either domestically or across the globe - will have no issue processing their incoming mail documents. Our solution is 100% web-based, either on-premise or in the cloud. The flexibility to access information via any workstation around the globe without installing or updating software at each station is a critical benefit.


A digital mailroom represents a giant advance in productivity for an organization. The power of the Smart Capture Mailroom Automation workflow lies in its streamlined functionality and incredible ease-of-use. 

Smart Capture automated mailroom technology precisely and quickly identifies and sorts documents based on its content through its patented machine learning technology. The platform distinguishes between invoices, orders, payments, contracts and any other forms of mail without inserting patch code pages or separator sheets. Your manual mail document/distribution process can be transformed into an accurate, well-structured and productive method.


Centralized mail system for greater visibility, accessibility, and data quality


Accurately classify, separate, and extract data from documents automatically


Reduction of mailroom costs


Machine learning algorithms teach the system with only 1-2 document samples


Simple integration into ERP and compatibility with other lines of business systems


Fast and easy implementations


Improved employee productivity and job satisfaction


Decrease internal inquiries with faster mail processing


Recognize ROI in months


Shamrock Solutions' automation software delivers verifiable results to provide complete visibility into incoming documents and information through our Smart Capture user-friendly interface, enabling companies to track, review and modify their data. By automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from incoming documents in paper and electronic formats, our Smart Capture solutions can identify the information you need without manual data entry, without time-consuming document sorting.

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