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Form Management

Simplify your processes with intelligent form management

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to assess the merit of each offering and to separate the hype from products that can truly help your team work smarter and faster. We believe that electronic forms (eForms) fit in the latter category. In working with many clients in higher education, finance, healthcare and many other industries, we’ve seen that pushing paperwork is a common challenge that delays processes, diverts staff members’ attention away from value-add tasks, and drains budgets.

The solution? eForms. Here are seven reasons you should take another look at this time-saving, cost-busting, workflow-speeding technology, which can truly change how your business operates:

  1. Cuts paper from the source: Switching from hard copies to electronic versions removes the need to scan or manually capture paper documents. They’re integrated right into your Content Services system and tied with relevant records in other business applications without user effort. This is one very small piece to a larger puzzle.

  2. Classifies and indexes documents: With eForms, you no longer need to determine the document type and index values in your Content Services solution. As this is done automatically, your team members have more time to focus their efforts and expertise elsewhere. It also provides the benefit of eliminating human error and the resulting redundant effort that’s necessary when a form is attached to the wrong record or misplaced.

  3. Data control: eForms can be placed behind a portal with required authentication. This passes information like a student, patient, or vendor’s name or ID into the form (and improves document security, as well). For example, while I may fill out “Big T” on a paper-based form, my real legal name will remain Tyler and therefore that is what’s needed in the form and is maintained in your system of record or ERP.

  4. Access to the raw XML or data of the form: People in all industries are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on data extraction and OCR tools. By making your forms electronic, you now have access to each document’s raw data without any need for spending extra on a data extraction application. This data can be fed into your ERP, reported on, or integrated with other systems based on your unique business needs.

  5. Mobility: HTML5 introduced some unique tools for web designers to ensure that your web content (eForms) will look good on any device a user is viewing it on. It is critical that working with eForms is as simple and straightforward as completing the registration for a new app downloaded from the App Store. Organizations need to ensure they are adopting electronic forms solutions that make use of HTML5 to ensure that users can fill out, electronically sign, and make use of any mobile device’s camera, photos, or other functions.


Shamrock Indexing eForm

Creation, management, and upkeep of Perceptive Content's Application Plan Learnmodes can be a tedious prospect.  While screen-scraping technology are great functional extensions of Perceptive Content (ImageNow), they can require more troubleshooting or tweaking than desired when scraping text from some commonly used host applications. Many times, additional development work may be needed to extend Learnmode's functionality, or to ensure proper operation when web browsers, host applications, or user machines are updated.

To this end, Shamrock Solutions has created an eForm designed with indexing in mind. The Shamrock Indexing eForm uses a direct ODBC connection or web service call out to a business application. Using a full or partial user-entered value, the form performs a lookup against the host application and returns associated values to the form and indexes appropriate fields of the document accordingly, including Custom Properties. Once completed, the document can be routed through the workflow process as normal.


Convenience. Users no longer need to do manual lookups or manually enter data. Say goodbye to having multiple screens open in various ERP and business applications. Real time lookups do all the work for you.

Customizable and adaptable. The Shamrock Indexing eForm is also completely customizable and can be used on multiple queues across an organization’s various workflows. The form is also useable across the Perceptive Content thick client, WebNow and even Experience.

Secure. Just like workflow security, only users given access to the form can access, collect or modify the data.

Shamrock Expense Report

Shamrock Solutions is transforming the way organizations process, approve and complete expense reports. Traditionally, expense reporting is a tedious, time-consuming and paper-based manual process that both employees and back office staff dread. With Shamrock Solutions eForms, it becomes a convenient, fast and paperless workflow.


Using Shamrock eForms, an employee simply logs into a browser-based eForms library and selects “Expense Report.” The form is presented with certain information pre-filled. The staff member simply completes the rest, attaches the relevant receipts and applies a secure digital signature.


The eForm and appended receipts are then automatically and electronically routed to the approver, who quickly reviewers and signs the report if there are no issues. It’s then sent to AP for payment, or, if the originator needs to add more information, can be routed back to them.


At any point in the process, the employee who submitted the form can check its status. A process that once took days can now be completed in minutes.


With Shamrock eForms, expense reporting becomes a fast, efficient and convenient. For the first time, employees can easily complete and submit their reports and receipts, managers can issue approvals in seconds and the financials team no longer has to deal with a big stack of paperwork.


Expedite info sharing between employees and financial teams


Speed turnaround time and eliminate the delays and hassle of paper


Boost productivity by eliminating paper-based tasks and follow-ups


Simplify the frustrating receipt uploading and matching process


Improved transparency and tracking


Enable real-time reporting to monitor document throughput and other metrics


Integrate expense reports and receipts seamlessly into the ECM system


Update ERP system records using eForm data


Enhance auditing and compliance in a defined and repeatable process

Let's talk about simplifying your form handling process.

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