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Human Resources

Arm your team with Zen-like technology experiences.

Your people aren't just resources

Human Resources (HR) is at the core of any medium-to-large sized company, and represents that organization's ability to attract and recruit key personnel. Operating in a tense and frantic environment is harmful to an organization's internal operations and outside appearance. 


Fortunately, Shamrock Solutions has been creating Zen-like technology experiences for HR teams for years - empowering HR professionals to spend more time architecting solid teams, and less time managing complicated HR processes.


Shamrock can help you squeeze every ounce of speed and value out of your software technologies, enabling you to achieve deeper integrations between your human capital management (HCM) system and content management applications. Make informed hiring decisions and manage your teams with ease.

team manage


Electronic completion and capture of forms and documents


Create efficiencies in the processing and collaboration of documentation


Improve HR and employee productivity and satisfaction


Reduce costs associated with distribution, tracking, management, and storage of documents


Provide reporting for employment and regulatory obligations


Automate updates to significant employee data and documents


Centralize documents from other applications and create one access point to a complete employee file

Implementation Pro-Tips for HR Success

Plan Comprehensively

Make sure you are thinking about future documents, future processes, and future implementations in HR.

Be Inclusive

Think about all of the departments who contribute to and utilize an employee file when designing your solution.

Gather Documents Now

Begin organizing them ahead of onboarding your new system, ensuring consistent naming conventions are used.

Use Dates

Application date, hire date, effective date, termination date, etc. can help better organize your reporting, retrieval, and retention of important information. 

Use Document Metadata

Include information about the employee, manager, and organization structure within Custom Properties where possible.

Keep Indexing Consistent

Consistencies in metadata information across your records will ensure that users will see related information when searching across many documents.

Document Your Process

It's likely you may notice some available efficiencies to take advantage of once a workflow is written out on paper and analyzed.

Let's talk about your Human Resources automation goals.

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