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Elevate Student Success: Transform Your Institution with Freedom

In higher education, the journey to student success is paved with countless administrative tasks and paperwork. Yet, imagine a future where your institution's focus isn't on mundane paperwork but on truly prioritizing student success. With Freedom, this future is within reach.

Revolutionizing Student Support  

Unleash Your Staff's Potential  

Freedom isn't just about streamlining administrative tasks; it's about revolutionizing the way you support your students. By automating time-consuming processes like transcript evaluations and admissions paperwork, Freedom liberates your staff from the shackles of paperwork, freeing up valuable time to provide personalized assistance and guidance to students.  

Building Meaningful Connections  

Picture your advisors and counselors no longer buried under piles of paperwork but instead empowered to build meaningful connections with students. With the administrative burden lifted, they can dedicate themselves fully to addressing students' individual needs, offering tailored advice, and providing the support necessary for academic and personal success.  

Elevating Student Experience

Commitment to Excellence  

By leveraging Freedom's automation capabilities, your institution can elevate its commitment to student success to new heights. Whether guiding students through the admissions process, providing academic counseling, or offering career guidance, your staff will have the time and resources to deliver the high-quality support that students deserve.  

Cost-Effective and Fast Turnaround  

Freedom alleviates the high costs associated with traditional manual data entry, enabling institutions to access important data faster and repurpose staff to higher value work. With Freedom, transcripts are processed in under 24 hours, allowing institutions to provide notice to students within 3 days. This enhances the student experience and potentially impacts their decision to attend the institution.  

Versatile Automation  

Freedom can process high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts, ensuring comprehensive automation for all incoming transcripts. Its versatility ensures that no transcript is left behind, streamlining the admissions process and enhancing efficiency across the board.  


Investing in the Future 

With Freedom, it's not just about streamlining processes; it's about transforming the student experience. By investing in Freedom, you're investing in a future where student support is not just a priority but a hallmark of your institution's commitment to excellence. 

Seize the Freedom Advantage Today!  

Elevate your institution's dedication to student success with Freedom. Schedule a consultation today and embark on a journey where administrative burdens are a thing of the past, and student support takes center stage. With Freedom, the future of student success begins now.  

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