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Empowering Higher Education with Streamlined Transcript Processing
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In today's fast-paced and competitive higher education landscape, admissions and registrar officers face numerous challenges in processing the increasing volume of high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts. Traditional manual data entry is time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors, while outdated systems struggle to integrate with course equivalency databases and provide efficient processing, resulting in delays and missed opportunities for enrollment. 


Shamrock Solutions’ innovative OCR transcript processing solution, Freedom, is intentionally designed to address these pain points. Freedom will revolutionize the way your Admissions & Registrar departments operate by empowering your teams to focus on selecting the best candidates, and shaping the future of your institution.

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Freedom assists higher education institutions by streamlining the management of high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts, significantly reducing processing time and manual data entry costs. Its seamless integration with course equivalency databases and existing systems simplifies the admissions process, enabling admissions and registrar officers to make faster, more informed decisions.


As a result, higher education institutions can provide a more efficient and satisfying experience for prospective students, ultimately enhancing their reputation and competitiveness in the increasingly demanding higher education landscape.

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“We needed a partner that was willing to invest in our success. We partnered with Shamrock after speaking with their very satisfied customers, and Shamrock did just that!”

- Tracy, Jefferson College

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Cost-effective: Freedom alleviates the high costs associated with traditional manual data entry, enabling institutions to access important data faster and repurpose staff to higher value work.

Fast turnaround times: Freedom processes transcripts in under 24 hours and allows institutions to provide notice to students within 3 days, enhancing the student experience and potentially impacting their decision to attend the institution.


Versatility: Freedom can process high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts, ensuring comprehensive automation for all incoming transcripts.

High School Transcripts - A Game Changer


Freedom stands out with its proficiency in processing high school transcripts and interpreting diverse high school coursework. The system effectively standardizes and derives actionable insights from varied coursework, facilitating easier review by university staff. In an era of increasing 'test optional' policies, the accurate evaluation of past coursework and appropriate credit hour allocation has become more crucial than ever.


Transcript-as-a-Service (TAAS) Model


Freedom offers a TAAS model, our twist on the SAAS (software as a service) concept. Institutions can submit their transcripts to Shamrock, and our team will process them through Freedom, delivering the data back to the university staff or SIS within 24 hours. This "touchless" option provides an efficient and seamless experience for admissions teams.


Cloud-Based Solution


Freedom is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site infrastructure for institutions in either self-service or TAAS models. Simply access the platform through your web browser. 


Continuous Improvement


Freedom's algorithm capabilities will improve over time as more transcripts are processed, increasing its value as the platform matures.

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Process incoming transcripts and provide notice to students in as little as 3 days.

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Ingest, process, and validate transcripts with just a few clicks, with little to no manual data entry required.

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Classify high school, transfer credit, international, or military transcripts with one solution.



Push and pull data from your existing SIS, ECM, or ERP systems into the admissions process where needed. 

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Integrate with your articulation or course equivalency database to determine equivalent courses with ease.

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Easily allow your current admissions staff to keep up with a growing workload.

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Reduce the hard costs of staff managing, storing, and hand-keying paper documents and data manually.

Shamrock’s Transcript-as-a-Service offering processes all your incoming transcripts for you!

Are you ready to elevate your institution's transcript processing experience?


Contact us now to learn more about Freedom and how it can transform your admissions process! Let Shamrock Solutions help you boost productivity, reduce stress, and achieve better outcomes for your students, faculty, and staff.


Experience the transformative power of Freedom today.


Shamrock was born out of a passion for solving the critical business problems

that prevent you from doing great work.

As an institution for higher learning, you are challenged to provide best-in-class service in support of people’s futures. The complexities of today’s higher-ed landscape go beyond paperless operation – especially when critical information exists outside of your core systems like SIS, ERP, and CRM.


It’s possible that you’re not able to access key information that better enables you to make important decisions directly related to the futures you’re helping to create. And if gaps in your processes are slowing your team down – you’re likely suffering the impact of higher stress, poor motivation and a disjointed approach towards your overall mission.

Shamrock Solutions helps to eliminate the negative impact of disjointed processes and applications for your campus. With years of implementation experience in higher education, we can create a level of student communication management, secure file sharing, electronic form creation, and custom workflow development that seamlessly connects with your existing systems and applications.

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The same core capabilities that power our transcript processing platform can also transform time-consuming, manual tasks in student-focused and administrative areas across campus. Potent use cases include application management in financial aid, document classification and indexing in the business office, invoice processing in AP/AR, compliance, and many more.


And the best part? Shamrock can help you extend your solution to departments and functions across your enterprise without you purchasing any additional licenses. Check out our Intelligent Data Extraction Solution Overview to see how far you can go with this unique technology!

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Our Intelligent Data Extraction solution automatically identifies, classifies and extracts business-critical data from all your documents using patented supervised machine learning technology, increasing the product value over time. Shamrock’s Intelligent Data Extraction is a zero footprint, browser-based application that runs on servers in our secure cloud for rapid deployment.

Download our Solution Overview to see how we can help your department run more efficiently with streamlined processes, cost savings, and fast ROI!

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