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50 Things Almost as Spooky as Bad Data Entry

Bad data entry is pretty scary. It can lead to inaccurate data, lost sales, and damaged customer relationships. But how about some things that are almost as scary as bad data entry? We can name a few. Here is a list of 50 things that just might send a shiver down your spine this Halloween season at the office.

  1. A bad case of the Mondays

  2. A coworker who sings in the shower

  3. A meeting that could have been a Slack message

  4. A boss who asks you to work on the weekend

  5. A client who always wants to talk about their kids

  6. A broken vending machine

  7. A printer that jams at the worst possible time

  8. A computer that crashes when you're in the middle of a presentation

  9. A phone that dies when you're on an important call

  10. A coffee that's too hot or too cold

  11. A lunch that's somehow both overcooked and undercooked

  12. A coworker who always borrows your stapler and never puts it back

  13. A boss who takes credit for your work

  14. A client who is always trying to lowball you

  15. A project that is constantly changing scope

  16. A deadline that is always getting pushed up

  17. A meeting that is always running late

  18. A conference call with bad audio quality

  19. A presentation with too many slides

  20. A report that is full of typos

  21. A spreadsheet that is full of errors

  22. A database that is corrupted

  23. A network that is down

  24. A backup that doesn't work

  25. A security breach

  26. A ransomware attack

  27. A data loss event

  28. A compliance audit

  29. A performance review

  30. A raise that is less than you were hoping for

  31. A promotion that goes to someone less qualified

  32. A job offer that is too good to be true

  33. A company culture that is toxic

  34. A boss who micromanages

  35. A coworker who takes advantage of you

  36. A client who is impossible to please

  37. A project that is doomed from the start

  38. A deadline that is impossible to meet

  39. A meeting that is pointless

  40. A conference call that is interrupted by a barking dog

  41. A presentation that is ruined by a technical glitch

  42. A report that is rejected by your boss

  43. A spreadsheet that is returned to you with a bunch of red marks

  44. A database that is corrupted by a power outage

  45. A network that is brought down by a DDoS attack

  46. A backup that fails to restore

  47. A security breach that goes unnoticed for months

  48. A ransomware attack that encrypts all your data

  49. A data loss event that destroys years of work

  50. A compliance audit that results in a huge fine

We may not be able to protect you from the horrors of an annoying boss or a vending machine with nothing but pretzels left in it, but we can shield you from bad data entry. Contact us today to find out exactly what we can do to help you and your organization rest a little easier this fall.



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