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Shamrock Webinar: Don't Fear the Upgrade!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Upgrading an enterprise-level application can be a daunting proposition. If you've upgraded (or are preparing to upgrade) an application, you've likely wondered who to involve, how to minimize risks and headaches, and perhaps where to even begin planning your upgrade.

If these sound familiar, have no fear!

In our Shamrock Webinar, Don't Fear the Upgrade, Jordan Wengler with Shamrock Solutions shared some helpful tips, tricks, and examples garnered through years of performing 300+ enterprise-level upgrades.

A few topics covered:

  • Preparing for your upgrade (the right way!)

  • What to expect in an upgrade project

  • Important considerations and best practices

  • Maximizing the end result

If you have additional questions on best practices for completing or preparing for an upgrade, or would like to consult with Shamrock Solutions on performing your Hyland, Ephesoft, UiPath, or Nintex/K2 upgrade - contact us today!


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