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Navigating Digital Waters:
Security & Compliance Webinar Series

Series Finale: Mastering the Compass - Security & Compliance Solution Demonstration
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Chart your course and secure your harbor in the digital domain.

Join us for the final installment in our series! Delve into your security toolkit with insights from industry experts, exploring and mastering the tools that ensure your organization navigates smoothly through the digital landscape.

In the unpredictable digital seas of today, every industry faces the waves of security and compliance challenges, with Higher Education being particularly vulnerable due to its extensive data repositories and multifaceted digital interactions.


Chart a confident course with Shamrock Solutions and Thales in our Security & Compliance webinar series: a synergistic collaboration that merges Thales's advanced compliance expertise with Shamrock's unrivaled process excellence. Our webinar series delivers crucial navigational aids, from dissecting the current digital threats to showcasing innovative solutions and insights. With us as your guiding beacon, journey confidently through the complexities of the digital landscape!

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Catching up? View our series replays here!

In just 20 minutes, our "Setting Sail" Webinar 1 replay explores the pressing challenges of our digital era in which the emphasis on security and compliance take center stage. Witness real-world scenarios and arm yourself with top-tier best practice guidelines.

In Webinar 2 of our series, "Navigator's Narratives", our esteemed panel of industry navigators shared firsthand experiences tackling security and compliance, from confronting digital whirlpools to finding guiding stars and helpful resources along the way. As the digital realm continues to evolve, so too do the challenges surrounding security - but every challenge faced brings with it invaluable lessons!

Join the Captain's League: Earn Points & Win

Engage, share, and participate throughout our series to earn points. Climb our leaderboard for a chance to win our Navigator's Kit, including an iPad Air, Apple Pencil, and more! 

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  • Setting Sail: Attend a webinar - 10 points

  • Full Voyage: Attend all three webinars - 40 points (10 points for each + 10 points bonus)

  • Crew Recruitment: Refer a colleague or friend to a webinar - 5 points for each

  • Message in a Bottle: Share a post on social media about the webinar - 3 points

  • Quest for Knowledge: Submit the post-webinar feedback form - 3 points

  • Chronicler’s Badge: Provide us a short testimonial/review of a webinar session - 5 points

Thales eBook:

Discover, Protect, Control

Further Reading: Expanding the Navigator's Library

Supplement your journey with in-depth knowledge from our curated collection of eBooks, guides, and articles.

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Thales eBook:

CipherTrust Solution Top 10

Digital transformation is reshaping industries as more and more organizations look to build their businesses using the cloud, data, and software. The success of these transformations will ultimately depend on whether these digital services, identities, and transactions can be secured and trusted.

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption with centralized key management, privileged user access control and detailed data access audit logging. This protects data wherever it resides - on-premises, across multiple clouds and within big data and container environments.

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