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Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

Solutions & Services

Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) is a content and process management product suite from Hyland. If information is the lifeblood of your enterprise, Perceptive Content is the heart that circulates and protects your valuable content, regardless of format, through its entire life cycle.


Whether you’re relatively new to Perceptive Content, or your organization is comprised of veteran Content users, adapting the Perceptive Content suite to ever-changing business needs is a critical component to maintaining your investment. But knowing how to best leverage enterprise content management technologies across your organization can be a challenge - not to mention the necessary upkeep, software upgrades, and maintenance required. It can be a lot to think about!

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Our team at Shamrock has over 100 combined years of expertise across the Perceptive Content and Brainware software suite, and can help you optimize your investment into the leading solution for instant access to all your organization’s information. We’re Perceptive Content experts, and we're here to help! 


As an Authorized Solution Provider with Hyland Software, we're prepared to handle all of your Perceptive Content needs with excellent service. Upgrades, development, staff augmentation, or just fixing a pesky scanner... you name it, we're here for it. 

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Maintain support and take advantage of new Perceptive Content features. From quick software patches to full-blown highly-available Production upgrades, we'll ensure you're up to date with minimal end-user impact, and ready to take advantage of new functionality.

Upgrades are often a daunting prospect, but they don't have to be! Our upgrade team is the most experienced around and has performed hundreds of Perceptive Content upgrades - to and from any version imaginable. A software upgrade is also the perfect time to set your organization up for future successes, and we'll help you get the most out of it!

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iScripts, eForms, integrations, and conversions. iScripts are a powerful component of Perceptive Content, and extend its functionality greatly beyond what's possible in the Client.

Whether you'd like to automate a particular Perceptive Content process, create or tweak an eForm to capture essential metadata, integrate seamlessly with other LOB systems, or are moving to a new software altogether - our development team is prepared to crunch the code.

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Workflow design, process tune-ups, integrations, and best practices. If Perceptive Content is the heart that circulates and protects your valuable content, the various workflow, integrations, permission sets, and configurations within serve as its arteries - ensuring a proper flow of information, where and when it's needed. It's important to get that right!

Whether you'd like to integrate Perceptive Content more deeply within your business process or take advantage of new features and functionality, our Solutions team is prepared to get you there.

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24/7 end-to-end Perceptive Content support. Keeping your business processes running smoothly is challenging enough, and it can feel down-right daunting when a key piece of software starts misbehaving - especially when time is of the essence. Not only that - how are you supposed to know all the little ins-and-outs and best practices to ensure things are fixed for good?

Our support team has spent years becoming experts in the Perceptive Content space and are available now to help you get Perceptive Content sorted. From 24/7/365 support to a bucket of general services hours - we are happy to accomodate your organization's needs.

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Professional Staff Augmentation and Managed Services. Overseeing the day-to-day functionality of Perceptive Content, supporting end-users, administering the system, keeping apprised of new functionality, and preparing for and performing upgrades can be more than a full-time job. 

Our team of consultants will bring their expertise and best-practice know-how to serve and function as a member of your team. With remote access we'll work on your behalf to lessen the burden of keeping a functional and happy Perceptive Content environment, and ensure your end-user community is set up for success.

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Stable and reliable server architecture and hosting services. “Do we want to host this on-prem, or should we move to the cloud?” is one of today's top questions for IT leadership. If your organization is considering migrating Perceptive Content to the cloud, there are some important considerations we'd love to discuss with you in your planning.

Shamrock Solutions provides server architecture and hosting services scaled to best suite you business needs. Let's talk about your roadmap to cloud modernization!

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If it's possible in Perceptive Content, we can help make it happen. If you're not sure where to start or just have a few questions, we'd love to speak with you!

Perceptive Content is our bread & butter.

From minor upgrades and solution enhancements to full scale enterprise implementations, we've seen it all. Shamrock deploys a proven Project Methodology designed to adjust and scale with the scope of the project and your unique needs. From our initial conversation to your project closeout, our team will be with you every step of the way. Here's a quick rundown of what it looks like:

1. Kickoff Meeting

In this meeting, we’ll bring together your team and ours to discuss what the project will look like and entail. We might get into the weeds a bit to ensure we’ve got all things considered. In this meeting there are no bad questions or invalid concerns – we’ll lay out what the Perceptive Content work looks like, answer any questions you might have, and put together a plan to get started!

2. We get to work

Our team will start designing the project documents – including a design plan and a timeline document so that you can approve those and gain clarity on any outstanding items before the work begins. Once our team has the project underway, we’ll be with you through every step of the process.

Have a problem or question? We’re here to help!

3. Go-Live

Conducting a successful go-live or implementation of software enhancements is a big undertaking - and it’s why we map everything out for you well in advance. Our project plans are tailored specifically for your organization, enabling us to easily and efficiently make sure we've got everything considered. We’ll provide specific and timely updates and be dedicated resources for you should any issues or questions arise. 


But don't just take our word for it!
See what our customers have to say.

It's easy to get started.
Let's talk about your Perceptive Content needs.

Extending your Investment

Perceptive Content likely plays a key role in your business process, and you want to protect and maximize your investment. The Content suite offers many opportunities for improving your team's day-to-day experience. The relative ease of onboarding new departments to Perceptive Content, combined with its ability to integrate with other critical systems, mean that relevant use cases are far reaching and  virtually endless.


  • Capture & store structured and unstructured content in a central location

  • Organize & deliver content when and where it’s needed

  • Track and audit a document or user’s process

  • Powerful workflow automations

  • End-to-end integration with existing LOB systems


  • Document organization, management, and storage

  • Records and information management

  • Electronic signature integrations

  • Workflow process automation

  • Connect  teams with disparate information

Smart Document Capture

Intelligent Data Extraction converts unstructured text into extractable and searchable data in an instant. When combined with an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software like Perceptive Content, the entire end-to-end business processes is transformed - eliminating the need for manual data entry and freeing your team up for what they do best.

Supercharge Perceptive Content through Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a computer-centric process that was developed to replace repetitive tasks performed by humans. RPA uses a computer to run application software in the same way that a person would work with that software. Pretty cool, huh? Any particularly repeatable or mundane tasks associated with your Perceptive Content use are ripe for a robot!

Goodbye Learnmode, Hello Shamrock Indexing eForm!

Creation, management, and upkeep of Perceptive Content's Application Plan Learnmodes can be a tedious prospect.

Shamrock's Indexing eForm is here to help.

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