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Transcripts in a Tangle: The High School Headache for Higher Ed Admissions Offices

Processing high school transcripts can be a time-consuming and tedious task for higher education admissions offices. These offices are responsible for reviewing and evaluating incoming applications, and a crucial part of that process is assessing the applicant's academic history. This includes transcripts from high schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions the applicant may have attended. Moreover, incoming students are expecting answers on their admissions status with prospective colleges and universities faster than ever before, which can be difficult to deliver on time with a largely manual process.

High school transcripts in particular can present unique challenges for admissions offices. They are often formatted differently, contain different types of information, and come from a wide variety of sources. This makes it difficult for admissions officers to standardize and interpret the data in a consistent and efficient manner, which can allow admissions staff to make informed decisions quickly.

Navigating the Maze of High School Transcript Processing

One of the key challenges of processing high school transcripts is the variability in the way the information is presented. Different schools may use different grading systems, have different course titles, advanced-placement coursework, and use different abbreviations. This can make it difficult for admissions officers to quickly and accurately interpret the information and make informed decisions about applicants.

Another challenge is the sheer volume of transcripts that need to be processed. Admissions offices receive a large number of applications every year, and each application typically includes multiple transcripts. This can lead to a backlog of work and a significant amount of time spent on manual data entry and processing.

Finally, there is the challenge of ensuring the accuracy of the information. Manual data entry is prone to errors, and mistakes in transcript processing can have significant consequences for the applicant and the institution. Admissions officers must carefully review each transcript to ensure that the data is correct and complete, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Set your Admissions Office Free

Shamrock's new Freedom software offers a solution to these challenges. Our advanced OCR technology can quickly and accurately extract key information from transcripts, allowing for standardized and interpreted data for your organization. With customizable extraction and integration options, institutions can tailor the software to their specific needs and streamline their transcript processing.

One of the key benefits of Freedom is its ability to provide a fast turnaround time for admissions staff to make decisions regarding student applications. Processing a transcript through Freedom and into the institution's Student Information System (SIS) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system in under 24 hours allows admissions officers to provide notice to a prospective student within 3 days. In today's market, students are looking for faster answers, which could impact their decision to attend the institution. Admissions officers can focus on the tasks that require their expertise, while the software handles the repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Another benefit of Freedom is the reduction in costs associated with manual data entry. By automating the transcript processing and data extraction process, institutions can reduce the need for staff to perform manual data entry and repurpose them to higher-value work. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that admissions officers can focus on the tasks that require their expertise.

Finally, Freedom's cloud-based architecture bypasses the need for on-site infrastructure, making it a flexible and scalable solution for institutions of all sizes. Institutions can access the software from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes it ideal for remote work and distributed teams.

Let’s Get High School Transcripts Handled – Talk To Us Today!

We know that high school transcript processing can be a daunting task for higher education admissions offices, but Shamrock's new Freedom software offers a powerful solution. With our advanced OCR technology, customizable workflow options, and cloud-based architecture, we can help you transform the way your institution processes and analyzes all incoming transcripts – even high school transcripts. By automating the process, reducing costs, and providing faster turnaround times for admissions decisions, Freedom can help institutions attract and admit quality students quickly and efficiently.

We encourage all higher education institutions to take advantage of Freedom's capabilities and see the benefits for themselves – talk with us today to see it in action!



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