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Introducing Freedom: The Innovative Solution for Streamlined Transcript Processing

For more than a decade, Shamrock Solutions has been partnering with diverse industries, providing innovative business solutions to enhance and alleviate various types of process challenges. Over the years our team has gained a profound understanding of the Higher Education space and the unique challenges faced by Admissions offices, especially in transcript processing.

This week, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest software, Freedom, designed specifically for Higher Ed Admissions departments. Freedom is an advanced OCR technology platform that streamlines the processing of transcripts, including high school, transfer, international, and military transcripts, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors while increasing efficiency and accuracy.

We are thrilled to introduce Freedom to the higher education market and believe it will revolutionize the way institutions process and evaluate transcripts!

Faster, Personal, and Comprehensive

Traditional manual data entry for transcript processing can be slow, time-consuming, and error-prone, leading to increased stress and poor motivation for Admissions staff. Moreover, in today's fast-paced world, students want to hear back from colleges about their admissions status as soon as possible. With Freedom, we aim to solve these problems and streamline the transcript processing and transfer credit evaluation process for Higher Ed institutions.

Freedom is different from other solutions on the market because it is a comprehensive and personal software platform tailored to the specific needs of Higher Ed Admissions officers. We built the product with a deep understanding of what matters to admissions staff, and we are confident that Freedom is the best cloud-based solution available for institutions looking to automate their transcript processing in a flexible way.

One of the key benefits of Freedom is its ability to provide a fast turnaround time for Admissions staff to make decisions regarding student applications. Processing a transcript through Freedom and into the institution’s Student Information System (SIS) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system in under 24 hours allows admissions officers to provide notice to a prospective student within 3 days. In today’s market students are looking for faster answers, which could impact their decision to attend the institution. Each student garners each college/university roughly $10k per year on average, so the ability to attract and admit quality students quickly is crucial.

Any Transcript, Any Time

Freedom can process high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts - so any transcript incoming to an institution can be handled with automation. High school transcript processing is one of our biggest differentiators, as not many providers are able to address the variation and ambiguous coursework included. There is a lot of variation in high school transcripts - they are all different in terms of layout, course information, etc. - which all needs to be standardized in the SIS/ECM. It is difficult to standardize and extract meaning from high school coursework, such as courses that will translate to college credits, like advanced placement or college credit courses. Freedom can integrate with a university’s course equivalency (or articulation) database to provide this data for easier review by staff.

Another major benefit of Freedom is the cost savings associated with traditional manual data entry. In terms of both time and people, manual transcript processing can be a drain on resources. Freedom alleviates this burden, allowing institutions to get access to important data faster, and repurpose staff to higher value work. The intelligent algorithms behind Freedom get smarter over time as more transcripts are processed through the system, continually increasing its value to the campus community.

Transcript-as-a-Service (TAAS) is one of our unique offerings within the Freedom platform. With the TAAS model, institutions can submit their transcripts to Shamrock, and our team will process them through Freedom and deliver the data back to the university staff or SIS within 24 hours. This is a "touchless" option for our customers, which eliminates the need for manual data entry entirely and provides a more efficient and streamlined experience for admissions teams.

Unlock the potential of automated transcript processing with Freedom!

We are thrilled to introduce Freedom to the higher education market! We believe that it will be a game-changer for admissions offices looking to streamline their processes and improve the student experience. With Freedom, institutions can process transcripts quickly and accurately, provide notice to students within three days, and repurpose staff to higher-value work, ultimately reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We encourage all higher education institutions to take advantage of Freedom's capabilities and see the benefits for themselves – talk with us today to see it in action!



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