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[Shamrock Webinar] Automate your AP Processes & Skyrocket Staff Productivity

DocuWare for Invoice Processing completely automates your invoice process from data capture, to approval, to generating a transaction record for posting directly to your accounting or ERP system.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how you can combine modern process expertise with zero-compromise cloud and mobile applications to eliminate the waste of manual processes and refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects!

  • Automatically digitize and read incoming invoices and match to POs

  • Approval workflows accelerate the process based on your business rules

  • Review and approve invoices via any mobile device

  • Record approved and GL-coded invoices back to your ERP through a simple export process

  • Maintain a secure, organized, and searchable invoice archive for audits and planning

Break free from paper and data entry and automatically process all your incoming invoices - check out the below webinar to learn more, and talk to us today!



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