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[eBook] 5 Tech Trends in 2022 to Kickstart Automation

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The next stage of data automation would have happened no matter what circumstances prevailed.

But global events – a thirst for remote access and a labor shortage among them – have intensified the desire for maximum automation. Executives worldwide say that since the start of the pandemic, adoption of digitization and automation technologies has accelerated. Those events also exposed weaknesses in legacy systems, further igniting change and advancement.

Hyperautomation and cloud solutions continue to spur need for even more nimble AI. Low-code/ no-code solutions are coming to be seen as essential for future AI and ML tools. On the horizon is the maturing of integration platform as a service (iPaaS) – and bold new worlds of harnessing “the unknown” for intelligent document processing (IDP).

Here are 5 key trends to watch in 2022!

Download PDF • 1.75MB



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