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Faster Admissions, Better Results: Transforming the Higher Ed Admissions Process

In today's fast-paced world, responding quickly to student applications is essential for Higher Education institutions looking to attract and admit the best possible students. According to recent research, nearly 70% of students expect a response from a college or university within two weeks of submitting an application, and nearly 25% expect a response within one week. However, many institutions struggle to meet these expectations due to manual and time-consuming methods for processing transcripts and evaluating student applications.

Shamrock’s all new Freedom software platform addresses these challenges by directly improving your bottom line, ensuring your competitive edge, and enabling Admissions staff to make better decisions faster for your institution.

Processing Transcripts with Speed and Accuracy

Aside from handling the large influx of transcripts most Higher Education institutions receive, one of the biggest challenges for Admissions offices is processing transcripts from different institutions and countries. Each institution may have its own format and grading system, making it difficult to evaluate and compare transcripts accurately. This manual and time-consuming process can take days or even weeks to complete. With Freedom, transcripts can be processed automatically, quickly, and accurately. Our advanced OCR technology can extract key information from transcripts, make sense of student coursework according to your specific needs, and integrate with your downstream Student Information System or Enterprise Content Management system, making it easier for Admissions staff to evaluate and compare transcripts in a timely manner.

In fact, according to our analysis, Freedom can reduce transcript processing time by up to 80%, allowing Admissions offices to make Admissions decisions quickly and efficiently. With faster processing times, Admissions staff can provide notice to students within three days, improving the overall student experience and increasing the likelihood of enrollment. With each student garnering roughly $10,000 annually per institution on average, fast response times are more important than ever before.

Streamlining the Application Process

In addition to transcript processing, intelligent automation technologies (such as document management, eForms, or workflow-based processes) can also streamline the overall application process. An excellent Admissions process utilizes intelligent automation technologies, working harmoniously in tandem, to speed up the application process and make it easier for Admissions staff to evaluate applications in a timely manner.

Customizable workflow options make it easy for institutions to tailor the student application process to their specific needs. Admissions staff can focus on the most critical tasks, such as reviewing applications and making Admissions decisions, while the software handles the more time-consuming tasks, such as data entry and verification.

Increasing Efficiency and Accuracy

Manual processes can lead to human errors, such as misinterpretation of information or overlooking key details. These errors can slow down the application process and delay Admissions decisions. With Freedom, institutions can reduce the risk of errors by automating the application process and ensuring accurate data entry and verification right within the software. Extracted data requiring verification and validation is highlighted within the software automatically, providing a quick and effective means for comparison for Admissions staff.

Furthermore, Freedom can help reduce staffing constraints by repurposing staff to higher-value work. Admissions staff can focus on reviewing and evaluating applications, rather than spending hours manually processing transcripts and verifying data. This can improve the efficiency of the Admissions process, reduce costs, and improve the overall student experience.

Improving Enrollment Rates

With declining enrollment rates, it is more important than ever for institutions to attract and admit quality students. Responding to applications quickly can help institutions identify and admit high-quality students before they are courted by other institutions. With Freedom, institutions can respond quickly to applications, building relationships with prospective students and increasing the likelihood of enrollment.

In fact, institutions that respond to applications quickly have been shown to have higher enrollment rates. According to a recent survey, institutions that responded to applications within one week had a 67% yield rate, while institutions that took longer than two weeks had a yield rate of only 51%. By implementing Freedom, institutions can improve their response times and increase their enrollment rates.

The Bottom Line

Responding quickly to student applications is critical for Higher Education institutions looking to attract and admit the best possible students. With declining enrollment rates and increased competition, institutions need to be proactive in their efforts to improve the application process. Freedom can help institutions streamline the application process, process transcripts quickly and accurately, and improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of Admissions processes.

We’re here to help! Shamrock can help you increase your enrollment rates, improve your student experience, and remain competitive in today's challenging Higher Education landscape. Talk to us about your Admissions and Transcript processing needs, and request a demo of Freedom for your institution today!



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