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Transform Finance Processes
with Intelligent Automation

Streamline your Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay
operations with our powerful, automated solutions.

The magnitude of routine, manual tasks within accounting and finance can be staggering – whether on a daily basis or at the close of each month, quarter, or year. Shamrock's suite of finance automation solutions significantly minimizes laborious and time-intensive manual work, seamlessly integrating with procure-to-pay cycles and providing extensive flexibility to optimize a wide array of finance and accounting processes.

Automation Across Finance

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“Shamrock offered a faster implementation schedule and better value than any other option we considered.”

- Renee, Christie Digital

Process Equals Profit

Save Time, Safeguard Finances, and Maximize Human Capital

At Shamrock, we believe that process equals profit. Our sophisticated tools and technologies are designed to help you save time, safeguard your finances, and make the most of your human capital.


Automating financial processes, such as Accounts Payable and Receivable, allows you to capture, classify, and extract valuable data from incoming invoices and supporting documents automatically. Our state-of-the-art software integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP and other line of business systems, effectively streamlining operations and ensuring real-time data synchronization without the hassle.

Shamrock's procure-to-pay automation streamlines every step, from initial vendor onboarding to intricate contract management and final account reconciliation. By automating the mundane, we free your team to pursue strategic, high-impact activities. Our sophisticated Invoice & Financial Document Management solutions accelerate financial operations, ensuring invoices swiftly navigate through routing, approval, and audit stages, thereby hastening decision-making and enhancing overall financial efficiency.

In today's regulatory landscape, our tools can help ensure your compliance and reporting, simplifying the complex aspects of financial management. Plus, with our secure cloud-based architecture, you can bypass the need for on-site infrastructure. Businesses that prefer a touchless option for staff can take advantage of Shamrock's Invoice-as-a-Service (IAAS) model.

Say "Hello" to Faster, More Accurate Finance Processes

No matter what financial automation needs your organization has or what systems you may be using, Shamrock has the right tools to reduce your costs, increase efficiency, and empower your team to perform higher-value work. Let us help you unlock the true potential of your financial processes!

  • Capture, classify, and extract valuable data from incoming invoices and supporting documents automatically.

  • Seamlessly integrate invoice and financial data across ERP and other line of business systems.

  • Speed up financial decision-making by automating invoice routing, approval, and audit processes.

  • Reduce costs associated with manual data entry and repurpose staff to higher-value work. 

  • Bypass the need for on-site infrastructure with Freedom's secure cloud-based architecture. 

  • Provide a touchless option for staff with Shamrock's Invoice-as-a-Service (IAAS) model. 






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Here's what our customers have to say

Ledcor is a diversified construction company, working to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over North America. With Shamrock, Ledcor enabled more efficient processing of AP transactions and support of mission-critical production issues.

Layne, A Granite Company, is a global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions for water, mineral and energy resources. Layne used a successful Perceptive Content upgrade as a springboard for AP/Finance enhancements with Shamrock.

Christie is a global audiovisual, content management, and image processing technologies company. With automation technologies, Christie now leverages a deeper integration between ECM and ERP systems, boosting business performance and employee engagement.

Let's talk about your Finance Automation goals!

We're process experts! Schedule a call with our team today so you can take the 'hard' out of work and unlock the true potential of your financial processes!

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