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Ledcor Group

Enabling more efficient Accounts Payable processing

Ledcor is one of North America’s most diversified construction and industrial companies, serving the building, heavy industrial, civil and infrastructure, mining, pipeline, power and communications sectors. Ledcor also owns operations in aviation, forestry, marine transportation services, property investment and wastewater treatment. Learn more at



Client Focus: Construction

Business Location: North America

Shamrock Services & Solutions:

  • Web services

  • eForm/script development

  • System integrations

Project Focus: Accounts Payable

pain points

  • Redundant data entry required to move data between Perceptive Content and JDE.

  • Duplicate invoices in Perceptive Contentlead to wasted effort.

  • Need a quick completion.

  • Day-to-day Production issues in Perceptive Content.


  • Enabled users to look up info in JDE and make it usable within Perceptive Content.

  • Scripting automatically identifies duplicate invoices.

  • Rapid project completion helped Ledcor's IS team meet its goals.

  • Fast issue resolution ensures business continuity.

A More Efficient Way to Process AP Transactions

Ledcor uses Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) to manage documents relating to accounts payable transactions. When it came time to make modifications to this system, the IS team needed a third-party consultant to help, and they turned to Shamrock Solutions.


“We reorganized our IS team and no longer had access to the developer trained with ImageNow,” said Gordon Bone, Ledcor’s manager of business intelligence solutions. “We didn’t have time to train someone else, and so we turned to Shamrock to make e-forms customizations and quickly push these out to our user community.”


The e-forms customization project comprised two main parts. The first focused on enhancing integration between Perceptive Content and
their ERP system, JD Edwards. Ledcor’s finance staff could find PO numbers, business units, supplier codes and other information regarding a transaction in JD Edwards. But getting this information into Perceptive Content e-forms required manual retyping of the data. “We didn’t have an efficient way to look up a transaction in JD Edwards and then pull this into the Perceptive e-forms,” Bone said. “Our manual process was labor-intensive and introduced the possibility of error.”


To overcome this challenge, Shamrock created a custom, web-services-based solution to meet Ledcor’s specific requirements. Now, staff can look up the information they need in JDE directly from Perceptive Content and make this usable in electronic forms, without needing to open another window, leave their primary system, or manually enter data. “Shamrock’s web services solution deepens the integration between Perceptive Content and JD Edwards and saves us a lot of time and effort day today,” Bone said.


The second focus area for Ledcor’s electronic forms project was eliminating the redundant effort that resulted from duplicate invoices entering the Perceptive Content repository. Occasionally a vendor would e-mail an invoice, and that same invoice would later be scanned into the system by an employee who received a hard copy. Staff often didn’t realize that there was a duplicate document until one version was vouchered, approved and matched in JDE. So, an employee may perform the same work on the duplicate, possibly leading to duplicate payments.


These frustrations are a thing of the past thanks to Shamrock, who created and implemented a custom script. This automatically looks for duplicate invoices, and alerts the Perceptive Content user when two or more iterations of the same document are present in the system. “The duplicate document script that Shamrock created is a big help, because we used to waste a lot of time dealing with more than one version of the same invoice,” Bone said. “Removing this inefficiency has had a big impact for our Finance team.”


Shamrock's web services solution deepends the integration between Perceptive Content and JD Edwards and saves us a lot of time and effort day-to-day.

- Gordon Bone, Manager of Business Intelligence Solutions

Pitch-Hitting for Perceptive Content Production Challenges

Shamrock also is helping Ledcor with other issues the company may have with its content management system. For example, Shamrock provided troubleshooting assistance during their Perceptive Content upgrade. After go-live, Ledcor encountered an issue and asked Shamrock to assist with the investigation. “With one Perceptive Content production issue, Shamrock’s team started resolving it at 4 a.m. our time, and by the time our employees came into the office, it was fixed,” Bone said. “They’re extremely responsive.”


There are many options for companies that need professional services and custom solutions for their Perceptive Software system, and it can be hard to evaluate the best ones. Bone gives Shamrock five stars.


“I recommend Shamrock for ImageNow consulting because they’ve worked hard to understand our customized environment and know how to help us improve it,” Bone said. “We also like how cost-effective Shamrock’s solutions are and that when we need to contact them, we get right through to the person who will be working on the project.”

Time literally is money for Ledcor when working AP transactions. As such, the IS group has extremely aggressive deadlines when it comes to making customizations and enhancements to its Perceptive Conent environment, and pushing them out to its user base. Bone believes that Shamrock has come through each and every time Ledcor has called upon them.


“We need to move fast when it comes to our Perceptive solutions, and some vendors just can’t work at the speed we require,” Bone said. “In contrast, Shamrock jumps right into each project and is able to meet our needs by, or even before, our project deadlines.”


We need to move fast when it comes to our Perceptive solutions, and some vendors just can't work at the speed we require. In contrast, Shamrock jumps right into each project and is able to meet our needs by, or even before, our project deadlines.

- Gordon Bone, Manager of Business Intelligence Solutions

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