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Transcript Efficiency Analyzer

Reimagine Your Transcript Processing with Streamlined Automation

Are you looking to revolutionize your transcript processing and unlock new levels of efficiency? Our Transcript Efficiency Analyzer is here to help you understand just how powerful an automated transcript process for your institution can be.


By simply inputting the number of transcripts processed annually, the time taken to process each transcript, and the number of Admissions staff involved, our calculator will generate insightful results that showcase the improvements and return you can expect by leveraging an intelligently automated transcript processing solution, such as Shamrock's Freedom software. 

As a bonus, you'll receive our exclusive downloadable guide, Efficiency Unleashed: 8 Insider Tips and Tools for Transcript Processing, packed with valuable insights you can use to start streamlining your transcript processing today!

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Our transcript calculator will reveal:

  • The number of employee hours that your team can repurpose to higher value work every year

  • Direct cost savings realized by avoiding manual data entry and an automated transcript evaluation process

  • An example of the overall decrease in transcript processing time you can expect with Shamrock's Freedom software


We’ve utilized industry norms such as average FTE processor salary ($49,178), average hours worked  per processor per year (1,800), and the average time it takes to process a transcript manually (15 minutes) from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center to assist our calculations.


Once you've filled out the Analyzer, discuss your results with our team of experts and schedule a demo of Freedom to see firsthand how it can transform your Admissions department.  Let Shamrock Solutions help you boost productivity, reduce stress, and achieve better outcomes for your students, faculty, and staff, and experience the transformative power of Freedom today!


Transcript processing can be complex and time-consuming, but following a few tips and strategies can help you establish efficient processes and procedures to manage the task effectively.


We've distilled 8 tips to consider for improving speed and accuracy while also better equipping your institution with streamlined transcript processing. With these in mind, you'll have more tools and resources to master your transcript processing and streamline the entire evaluations process!

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Cost-effective: Freedom alleviates the high costs associated with traditional manual data entry, enabling institutions to access important data faster and repurpose staff to higher value work.

Fast turnaround times: Freedom processes transcripts in under 24 hours and allows institutions to provide notice to students within 3 days, enhancing the student experience and potentially impacting their decision to attend the institution.


Versatility: Freedom can process high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts, ensuring comprehensive automation for all incoming transcripts.

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