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Shamrock Webinar: Setting up Distributed Capture Profiles in Perceptive Content

As an Administrator of Perceptive Content, you may need to occasionally provide or tweak Capture or Scanning Profiles for many users' machines. Distributed Capture Profiles can allow you to distribute profiles to Perceptive Content Clients remotely from the Perceptive Content server, instead of managing them at an individual user or machine level.

These Profiles can be automatically pushed out to a relevant User, Group, or Machine type. While users can still add or modify Capture Profiles on their local machine (if they have the necessary folder-level permissions on their machine to do so), the Perceptive Content Administrator can overwrite all of these localized settings by pushing out a newer set of Capture Profiles, maintaining consistency across the organization.

The Shamrock team recently held a webinar for the Perceptive Content In-Touch listserv community, discussing and demonstrating setting up Distributed Capture Profiles in a Perceptive Content environment.

If you'd like some additional information or assistance with setting up Distributed Capture Profiles, please let us know - the Shamrock team is ready to help!


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