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Shamrock Transforms Organizations’ Mailrooms with Automated Batch Capture Technology

New solution removes human intervention, auto classifies documents, eliminates need for patch codes, and speeds document processing.

Shamrock today announced the release of a new solution that replaces the labor-intensive, manual task of manually sorting documents in a company mailroom with a touch-free, automatic process that automatically classifies documents and directs them into the appropriate workflows, frees staff up to focus on other duties, and dramatically reduces document processing time.

As a leading provider of Business Process Management and Content Services solutions, Shamrock empowers clients in education, healthcare, financial services, and all other industries to remove paper roadblocks from every stage of their daily processes. An area that’s often overlooked is the one that begins every document-centric workflow: capture. Companies receive documents in a wide range of formats, from hard copies to many electronic formats, including email attachments, EDI feeds, and eForms.

Handling all of these can be a full time job – literally. And while staff members are wading through all these different documents, they’re unable to do other things that could benefit the business. Then there are the costly delays to processes that all companies deal with, such as invoice processing, as well as industry-specific workflows like claims processing in insurance and student financial aid applications in higher education. Hold-ups in image processing, classification, extraction, validation and delivery can drain productivity, increase operating costs, and compromise customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Shamrock’s solution automates every stage of the document capture process. Benefits include:

  • Eliminate frustrating tasks like sorting, recording, and labeling

  • Automate documentation classification so work is quickly distributed to the proper people based on document type

  • Standardize capture across all document types to ensure processing consistency

  • Get documents to the people who need them faster

  • Reduce mail room costs

  • Remove the need to insert patch code pages

  • Increase client satisfaction with greater responsiveness

  • Take advantage of early vendor payment discounts

  • Simplify content management by centralizing all your documents in one place

  • Track, review and modify your incoming data with ease with powerful reporting features

“The faster a company can get its incoming information into a workflow, the quicker their turnaround time will be,” said Shamrock CEO and founder Robert Albright. “That’s why switching to a smart mailroom capture solution is a huge win for any organization. It eliminates manual steps, reduces document loss, and delivers productivity and cost savings.”  

To schedule a demo of this versatile mailroom capture solution and learn more about complementary Business Process Management and Content Services offerings, contact Shamrock today at

About Shamrock Solutions

Shamrock Solutions is a fast-growing, collaborative and innovative software and services company that provides game-changing technology to advance your business’s journey to digital transformation. Our broad range of Content Services and software includes implementation, support, tune-ups, configuration, solution development and staff augmentation for business process automation (BPM). We’ve developed best-of-breed solutions to help automate every aspect of your business and have partnered with industry leaders such as Accelerate, Hyland, IBM (Watson), Jadu, Ephesoft, Formatta, Ellucian, Thales, Nuance, and HighQ to complement our offerings. We also have a “special ops” team that helps develop unique integrations, AI, reporting and more to meet your unique business objectives. Discover the Shamrock difference at



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