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Shamrock’s New Paperless Solution Simplifies and Speeds Mortgage Processing

Shamrock today announced that its latest industry-specific product is removing time, cost, paper, and hassle from the traditionally paper-centric task of mortgage processing. Up to 57 percent of home buyers combine in-person conversations with prospective lenders and hard copies with online applications, creating a disparity between face-to-face and virtual interactions, and a need to process both paperwork with electronic documentation.

It has been difficult for mortgage brokers to deal with this paper/electronic documentation challenge, with most defaulting to slow, manual processing or rudimentary capture products that can only manage a limited number of document types. Until now. Shamrock’s end-to-end offering turns the promise of a totally digital mortgage processing solution into a reality. Only Shamrock’s solution can help mortgage lenders to:

  • Identify, classify, separate and organize loan applications automatically

  • Route loans to the appropriate processor for immediate attention

  • Utilize fixed form extraction, table extraction, database lookups and FuzzyDB extraction to enhance the accuracy of OCR

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention with faster processing by eliminating paper-related delays

  • Remove manual tasks, allowing staff to concentrate on providing exemplary service

  • Expedite deployment by up to 80% using 600 mortgage-specific templates out of the box

  • Take advantage of a SaaS model that pairs the convenience of the cloud with the flexibility of a subscription pricing model

“The mortgage industry is more competitive than ever before, and lenders need to find an edge,” said Robert Albright, Shamrock founder and CEO. “Our 100% digital mortgage solution gives them that, empowering lenders to provide borrowers with the mortgage they need and the customer service they deserve.”

To schedule a demo of this powerful mortgage processing solution and learn more about complementary Business Process Management and Content Services offerings, contact Shamrock today at

About Shamrock Solutions

Shamrock Solutions is a fast-growing, collaborative and innovative software and services company that provides game-changing technology to advance your business’s journey to digital transformation. Our broad range of Content Services and software includes implementation, support, tune-ups, configuration, solution development and staff augmentation for business process automation (BPM). We’ve developed best-of-breed solutions to help automate every aspect of your business and have partnered with industry leaders such as Accelerate, Hyland, IBM (Watson), Jadu, Ephesoft, Formatta, Ellucian, Thales, Nuance, and HighQ to complement our offerings. We also have a “special ops” team that helps develop unique integrations, AI, reporting and more to meet your unique business objectives. Discover the Shamrock difference at



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