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K2 Platform Webinar Series: Repeatable, No-Code Automation of Business Processes with K2 Workflow

In any organization, there's a need to automate both simple and complex processes. In Part 2 of our ongoing K2 Platform Webinar series, we'll showcase how Nintex's workflow engine is built to handle use cases as specialized as your business. In our previous collaborative webinar, technology experts Tyler Groepper from Shamrock Solutions and Andy Hayes from Nintex discussed the modernization of forms through intelligent process automation.

With a no-code, drag-and-drop visual designer, you can build simple or complex workflows that span people and systems to help transform your business. Process designers can then reuse what’s been built, like building blocks, to assemble new applications. The K2 Workflow engine is built with the end-user, power user, and developer all in mind so that the needs of every group can be met with one platform and one designer.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Explore how Shamrock Solutions is helping organizations deploy automated digital processes.

  • Learn about the power of the K2 Workflow automation platform and how you can optimize business-critical processes - without code.

  • Experience a brief demonstration of workflow automation

Keep an eye out for Part 3 coming up soon, where we'll discuss the powerful integration capabilities of the K2 Platform!



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