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Installing a second instance of Apache Tomcat

There may be instances where a second instance of Apache Tomcat is needed. Examples would be for testing purposes or to isolate certain web applications such as Perceptive Integration server or Perceptive Experience for SSL use or SSO configuration.  This document covers the installation of an additional Apache Tomcat service.

  • Using the “run as administrator option” initiate the Apache Tomcat installation using the installer.

  • Navigate through the screens of the installer as normal. When you reach the Configuration screen, change the Windows Service Name to something unique like Tomcat8Test or another appropriate name.

  • Once the installation is done, you should have an additional Apache Tomcat service and a new folder under the main Apache Tomcat directory as shown below.

  • Once Apache Tomcat is installed you will need to modify the server.xml, in the Apache tomcat\Conf directory, and change the default ports to avoid port contention with the original Apache Tomcat install. You can basically increment the port as long as it is open.

  • Once Apache Tomcat is installed you can then install the desired web application in the new instance, start the service and test.

Jeff Jones, Upgrade Consultant



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