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File Conversion Component (FCC) COLOR and GREYSCALE Profiles

The File Conversion Component (FCC) replaced INMAC in later versions of Perceptive Content. Like INMAC, FCC uses a workflow to send documents through for conversion.

By Default, the File Conversion Component (FCC) creates a black and white conversion profile. Both color and greyscale profiles can be set up for your FCC workflow as well. In this article, you will find screenshots for the configuration of both color and greyscale profiles. This article does not cover creating channels or configuration of the FCC process. It is assumed that your organization already has FCC configured and working with the default profile.

The configuration represented below may not be the only configuration that works for color or greyscale. These are simple configuration options that work.

The profile options detailed below are only the options that would need to be set for the different profiles, other options would most likely remain the same as your default profile.

  • Unique Name – you can use any naming convention you like for this option. It is recommended to name the profile with a name that represents the function of the profile (Color, Greyscale…)

  • TIF Compression – Color = JPEG, Greyscale = Packed Bits

  • TIF Colorspace – Color = color, Greyscale = Greyscale

  • DocFilters Parameters – Color should not require any parameters. For Greyscale, I have used the following options, you may test other combinations to find what works best for you.


Jeff Jones, Technical Consultant



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