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Digitization offers a Distinct Advantage to Higher Ed Institutions

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Now more than ever, Higher Education institutions are faced with a rapidly changing environment that constantly requires adjustment to fine-tune how they operate. Remote learning, hybrid learning, and the phased-in classroom settings create new process challenges almost daily.

Defining and implementing new processes to deal with these challenges can become a nightmare for administrators and educators to manage. It’s possible that you’re not able to access key information that better enables you to make important decisions directly related to the futures that you’re helping to create. And if gaps in your processes are slowing your team down – you’re likely suffering the impact of higher stress, poor motivation, and a disjointed approach towards your overall mission.

The good news? It’s easier than ever to implement radically transformative technology solutions to help fuel efficiency across your campus.

Digitization offers a distinct advantage to academic institutions

Let’s take a look at the Financial Aid process as an example.

Today, your organization receives in a FAFSA application. A student may or may not already have an existing record within your SIS. If so - great! You already have much of the information needed to begin processing their request for financial assistance. If not, that probably means you’re spending time searching through and updating your SIS, adding new records and comparing application and onboarding documents manually.

Incoming applicants may be asked to provide additional information to supplement the student packet, further lengthening the time and data needed to successfully process the application. These might come into your institution as emails, through web forms, or even physical mail. Manually reminding students and requesting needed documentation can further delay the onboarding and aid disbursement process.

Once a student’s packet is complete, admissions professionals must review the supplied information and determine whether or not an award letter will be sent to the student. This may again mean comparing the student packet with disparate systems, collating information, seeking approvals, and finally notifying a student of award once a decision has been made.

If your Financial Aid process isn’t leveraging intelligent automation to alleviate much of these manual tasks, your admissions professionals’ time is being directed away from best serving your students.

Enter intelligent automation!

A Financial Aid process driven by intelligent automation will drastically improve your staff’s ability to focus their expertise where it’s needed most. From receiving an incoming application or FAFSA form to automatically notifying a student for aid awarded - an intelligently designed process supplemented with automation will transform your ability to attract, onboard, and provide the best that your Higher Ed institution has to offer.

In our past webinar, we showcased how our Financial Aid solution, utilizing the power of DocuWare, can transform your entire Financial Aid process!

DocuWare enables your institution to easily share information electronically, manage student documents and processes, offer faculty quick access to student files, and seamlessly integrate with your other ERP and Student Information Systems.

  • Receive and immediately digitize incoming applications

  • Capture student information and documents via electronic forms

  • Automatically generate a Financial Aid packet for the student

  • Check for related or missing documents, notifying staff and students automatically

  • Certify the completeness of the student packet

  • Assign completed packets to Financial Aid Officers

  • Quickly and easily review, award, and notify your students

View a recording of our Automate Financial Aid & Streamline Your Students’ Experience webinar below, and talk to us today about streamlining your FA and campus processes!



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