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Accelerating Invoice Processing in the Global Economy

Managing the payment of financial obligations is a process as old as business itself. All successful organizations must pay their bills on time and efficiently in order to “keep the lights on” and maintain their financial health.

Despite this fact, Accounts Payable, in common with many other core back office business functions, has not seen any significant transformations until recently. The accounts payable process is still fairly antiquated compared to the advances in other line of business, ERP, CRM or RPA systems.

That’s not really surprising – any process where you have a highly diverse and widespread set of constituents represents a challenge. There are a number significant challenges that need to be addressed, including managing excess paper, adapting digital transformation in AP, and managing the uniqueness of each invoice coming into your finance department.

And when you consider how these challenges are further exacerbated with vendors and suppliers from around the globe, the importance of utilizing intelligently designed technology solutions to process your invoices quickly and accurately becomes readily apparent.

In our “Driving Global AP Efficiency with Smart Capture” eBook with Ephesoft, we explore these challenges and key solutions that will help your organization maintain your competitive edge in a global economy.



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