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5 Reasons to Break Up with Your Legacy OCR System

This time of year, love is on many of our minds. Naturally, we begin taking inventory of our personal relationships and reflecting on what value they add to our lives. Periodically taking inventory of the value your relationships are contributing in your life is a good practice to get into. Not just in your personal life, but professional too. There are probably some relationships there that could use some attention, systems that would benefit you and your organization if they were enhanced. One application that you likely need to move on from is your legacy OCR system. Nothing takes the romance out of relationships quite like costly expansion, outdated functionality, or limited integration capabilities. There’s not much about that to love.

Here are five reasons you might want to call time on your stagnant OCR relationship:

1. After the first date, they always make you pay!

Many Intelligent Capture Solutions vendors are charging per document type, and even gouging customers with high document throughout costs. Sound familiar? With Shamrock’s Intelligent Capture solution, there’s just one core cost. What does that mean? You can expand the solution across your entire enterprise or with a department-by-department or process-by-process basis, without being penalized or charged for the expansion. Our consultants can help you prioritize and execute your customized rollout plan.

2. They’re out of touch.

Would you still borrow your dad’s tweed, elbow-patched jackets to go on dates if you’re a guy, or your mom’s prom dress that’s been gathering dust in the closet for 40 years if you’re a girl? Of course not! Besides being woefully out of date you would look out of place. You shouldn’t let your technology remain stuck in a time warp either. If your Intelligent Capture solution is still reliant on a thick client, you may want to rethink your strategy. Our solution is driven from a browser and is built with a cloud, mobile, and SaaS-first mindset. This means you get the latest features delivered quickly and conveniently, with continuous uptime.

3. You feel like you’ve outgrown your partner.

We hate to say it but some spouses rank higher than others, so do systems. If your system significant other is still utilizing the word “template,” turn and run immediately. Our flexible solutions is based upon a set of rules and utilizes sophisticated machine learning (aka AI) to understand the context of the various document types you may encounter. This way, you’re covered no matter how many kinds of documents you might have to process, and which formats you receive them in.

4. Communication is poor or minimal.   

Our solution is built on a modern framework of web services and open APIs allowing easy, fast integration into any system. Doesn’t that sound better than the costly, slow, programmatic integration that bogs down your IT staff or requires your vendor to help?

5. Your love is not reciprocated.   

Does it ever feel like your partner has, in the immortal words of The Righteous Brothers, lost that loving feeling (cue the Top Gun soundtrack just in time for this summer’s sequel)? We suspect that on balance, the cost of owning your current system vastly outweighs the benefits you derive from it. It’s needy, high-maintenance, and demanding, leaving you feeling exhausted and unappreciated.

You deserve better, and we have just the solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to start over with an Intelligent Capture solution that meets your needs, gives you all the latest features, and, maybe even brings you flowers and chocolates from time to time. OK, we made that last bit up.



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