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Intelligent Data Extraction for Transcripts

Reduce errors and increase accuracy

Boost productivity & reduce
stress at your busiest time of year

Traditional transcript and credit evaluation processing is the scourge of everyone who works in college admissions and registrar’s offices. Twice a year, these departments are flooded with thousands of multi-page documents, each one of which must be processed in a standardized and efficient manner.


Some schools are still stuck with manually processing their transcripts and transfer credit summaries, which complicates and slows things down. Not to mention creating a need to hire additional temporary staff members to cope with the deluge of documentation. Then there are those universities that are using a transcript processing tool within their student information system (SIS) or enterprise content management (ECM) application. While these can remove some of the tedious tasks, they’re mostly just box check or Band-Aid add-ons to the core system that lack the robust automation features needed to truly solve the problem. Now there’s a better way, with Shamrock’s unique OCR for Transcript Processing and Transfer Credit Evaluation solution.

It’s ironic that staff in the admissions and registrar’s offices are expected to do their best and fastest work at the very times of year when they’re busiest. Like accountants doing month-end and year-end processing, these staff members should be spending their time utilizing their professional
skillsets to the fullest, but instead find that most of their duties are menial, dull, and highly repetitive.


Shamrock’s one-of-a-kind solution bears the brunt of the manual tasks your team are used to performing, freeing them up to focus on what they do best. Every step of the process that was previously performed by people – including capture, document classification/categorization,
validation, data lookups and export and more – is now automated. This means your team’s intelligence and expertise can be redirected to evaluating the best candidates once the initial assessment of their test scores, transfer credits, and grades has been completed automatically.


Removing manual steps not only increases bandwidth and efficiency, but also elevates job satisfaction and, in turn, improves retention of key personnel. Should you hire new staff, the automated transcript evaluation process will also reduce the learning curve and make it easier for
them to hit the ground running, regardless of their prior level of experience.


Classify transcripts as high school, transfer credit, international, military, or other Enrollment Services docs - without patch codes or separator sheets


Capture transcripts received via scanner, email, parchment, EDI, and more


Extract all of the data on the transcripts without any templates from feeder schools


Look up information in your SIS or CRM to pull into the process where needed


Extract data based upon your needs - everything from summary data to coursework


Integrate with your articulation database to determine equivalent courses


Push each document and its data into your legacy SIS, ERP, or ECM system once validated or approved


Deliver this comprehensive solution with a more reasonable pricing plan than the old per-document/throughput model

With the Perceptive Content workflows that Shamrock helped us get up and running, we were able to go from between 15,000 and 20,000 applications a year to managing more than 30,000.

- Felice Jackson, George Washington University

Reduce Errors and Increase Accuracy

Outside the time suck that manual or even semi-automated transcript processing presents, one of the biggest issues is processing errors.

Whether it’s attaching a transcript to the wrong student’s file in your SIS or keying in incorrect data, there are a whole host of errors that can necessitate someone going back to investigate and potentially perform tasks for a second time. We understand that your institution can ill afford such delays, which is why we designed our solution to reduce the number of human touch points for each transfer credit summary and transcript, thus eliminating as many errors and as much redundant effort as possible.

Enable More Detailed Reporting

Once the dust settles and the enrollment period ends, it’s time to start evaluating what was done well and how you can do better next time. This is very difficult when all you have is one long paper trail. But with Shamrock’s solution, you can clearly see the path of any and every document, the time it took to process transcripts and transfer credit summaries, and other metrics that can provide invaluable insights. So if you’re always looking for ways to improve your processes, this application is a perfect fit.

Improve Student Service, Satisfaction, And Recruiting

When talking about college selection, the dominant narrative always among popular media outlets invariably focuses on how picky elite institutions are and their low acceptance rates. But in the higher education field, the reverse must also be considered: that elite students are able to choose virtually any college or university. While there are many factors that play into this decision-making process – including proximity to home, where friends are heading for their studies, and which school offers the best program – one of the most underrated elements is speed.

With Shamrock’s rapid Intelligent Data Extraction solution, your staff can process transcripts faster and extend offers to students before other schools, giving you a competitive advantage and increasing your chances of enrolling top talent among the incoming freshman class. The same goes for transfer students, who are also more likely to choose your college or university if you process their transfer credit summaries faster than other schools. And if a student or parent calls to check on the status of an application you’ll be able to answer it without delay in real time.

Better outcomes for students, faculty, alumni, and campus vendors

As an institution for higher learning, you are challenged to provide best-in-class service in support of people’s futures. The complexities of today’s higher-ed landscape go beyond paperless operation – especially when critical information exists outside of your core systems like SIS, ERP, and CRM.


It’s possible that you’re not able to access key information that better enables you to make important decisions directly related to the futures you’re helping to create. And if gaps in your processes are slowing your team down – you’re likely suffering the impact of higher stress, poor motivation and a disjointed approach towards your overall mission. 


Shamrock Solutions helps to eliminate the negative impact of disjointed processes and applications for your campus. With years of implementation experience in higher education, we can create a level of student communication management, secure file sharing, electronic form creation and custom workflow development that seamlessly connects with your existing systems and applications.

Extend automation beyond just transcript processing

The same core capabilities that power our transcript and credit transfer processing platform can also transform time-consuming, manual tasks in student-focused and administrative areas across campus. Potent use cases include application management in financial aid, document classificationand indexing in the business office, invoice processing in AP/AR, and many more.


And the best part? Shamrock can help you extend your solution to departments and functions across your enterprise without you purchasing any additional licenses. Contact us today to see how far you can go with this unique technology.

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