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Baldwin Wallace University

Making the most of BWU's Perceptive Content environment

Baldwin Wallace University is a private, liberal arts-based, Methodist-affiliated college located in Berea, Ohio, offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, certificates, professional education programs and much more. BW is an academic community committed to the arts and sciences as the foundation for lifelong learning. Learn more at



Client Focus: Higher Education

Business Location: Barea, Ohio

Shamrock Services & Solutions:

  • Content services

  • Upgrades

  • Workflow optimization

Project Focus: Enterprise-wide

pain points

  • Disparate collection of department-based silos that must be consolidated.

  • Want to leverage technology as a way to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Require a partner that understands Perceptive Content solutions.

  • Need a vendor with expertise that provided great value.


  • More accessible/secure information within a unified enterprise system.

  • Speeding up processes and making faster decisions increases BWU's value proposition.

  • Shamrock's in-depth expertise unlocks Perceptive Content's full potential.

  • Shamrock's service delivers a better experience.

Success Story

In this age of transparency and real-time communication, word spreads quickly when companies do good work. That’s exactly the case with Shamrock, which was recommended to Baldwin Wallace University (BW) CIO Greg Flanik by multiple executive-level peers from other higher education institutions.


“Several other CIOs told me that Shamrock had the technical expertise we needed and was a better value,” Flanik said.


Still, such a recommendation is only helpful if the organization it’s conferred upon actually delivers. After talking with Shamrock, Flanik was eager to see what they could do to transform BW’s Perceptive Content system (formerly ImageNow) from a disparate collection of department-based silos to a unified, enterprise-wide system.


From the get-go, it was obvious that Shamrock, which provides a broad range of content services, support, professional services, software and custom solutions for ECM, ERP and business systems, wasn’t going to disappoint.


“I’m delighted by Shamrock’s matter-of-fact approach and commitment to tell it like it is,” Flanik said. “We were planning to purchase some
new software, but they advised against it as we wouldn’t have the time to tap into the competitive advantage we hoped it would provide. We reallocated those funds, and Shamrock helped us do more with our existing systems.”

Delivering Enterprise-Wide Benefits

Previously, BW’s system was set up in a fragmented manner, meaning that processes were only geared toward one role, workflow or department. But at any school, people from different areas interact constantly, and content must flow smoothly between different areas of the campus.


Flanik and his team looked to Shamrock to connect the dots between the limited ways the school was using Perceptive Content and their forward-thinking vision for the future.

“Shamrock helped us unlock the full potential and capability of Perceptive Content,” Flanik said. “They were able to find ways to make information more readily available to the people who need it, while improving document security. Now, Perceptive Content is being used as a true enterprise system, and we have Shamrock to thank for that. They’re like an extension of our team.”


To keep pace in the increasingly competitive higher education marketplace, colleges and universities need to make the most of competitive advantages wherever they can find them. Software is not always the most obvious place to look for such an advantage, but yet BW’s IT staff has found one with Shamrock’s assistance, without needing to expand internal staffing.


“We’re a small shop and need our vendors to be efficient and responsive,” Flanik said. “That’s exactly what we’ve found with Shamrock. A lot of companies only look at the technology itself, but Shamrock also considers the impact on processes and people. This makes for a smoother rollout and better user experiences.”


Shamrock helped us unlock the full potential and capability of Perceptive Content.

- Greg Flanik, CIO

Building a True Partnership

Looking forward, BW intends to enhance and expedite onboarding of transfer students. Being able to speed up the evaluation of which credits will transfer and those that won’t will enable BW to provide faster decisions, which Flanik believes will increase the university’s value proposition.
Flanik and his team will again look to Shamrock to help automate this process in Perceptive Content and continue to find new ways to get maximum value from the system.


“It’s no surprise that Shamrock is growing quickly,” Flanik said. “They’re a great group and the quality of their work speaks for itself. Then you add in their excellent customer service, and it’s a no-brainer for us to continue working with them. Whenever we need help with something, they respond quickly and we tackle the challenge together.”


Now, Perceptive Content is being used as a true enterprise system, and we have Shamrock to thank for that. They're like an extension of our team.

- Greg Flanik, CIO

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