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Can We Please Stop Using the Term “Intelligent Software Automation”?

We see it everywhere in the world of software right now. Software Automation is the hot topic and it is being thrown out as THE savior of businesses with the promise of happier employees and customers.  Marketing headlines say that your organization will save thousands of hours of work and save millions of dollars.  Oh, and you can do it all in 2 weeks!!!   All this while being one of the hip and trendy companies that has decided to take the plunge.

So, is it true?  Well, yes and no.

In reality, automation is much less about software products than it is about understanding your business, the challenges you face, and finding the right people and technology to take you to the next level.  Is the software selection process important?  Yes, but it is not nearly as important as taking a serious look inward to understand why and where to optimize. In an effort to win your hearts and minds, software companies are marketing their products with terms like Enterprise Automation, Intelligent Automation, and even Hyperautomation!   It all sounds great but how does it work?

Well, in truth, it doesn’t without a goal and a plan. There is an old adage that if you throw software automation at a bad process you simply complete a bad process faster, and that is correct. It is critically important to identify the work that is being done within your organization and ensure that that there is a solid and repeatable foundation and then apply software automation.  In addition, and probably most important, is the need for executive sponsorship and employee buy-in. Without these two critical factors, you can spend the time and money to apply automation, but the likelihood of success is slim.

Shamrock Solutions is successful because we employ a diverse team of experts from solution managers, product experts, process designers, developers, and implementation consultants to help companies determine if automation is right and then take extreme care to to deploy the technology correctly. In addition, our firm will never partner with just a single software product or solution. We have expertise in a number of modern technology platforms that we then position only when it aligns with your goal and plan.  Our customer engagements are not successful because the software is intelligent. They are successful because we help our customers intelligently apply technology to the right processes.

Kurt Hartner, Senior Account Executive



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