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Junior Developer

Develop code and apply technology to solve complex problems.

Are you not afraid to ask "why" and keep digging till you find the answer?

Do you value your own work and problem-solving abilities to achieve results?

Shamrock is looking for someone to join our team that looks at challenging opportunities in the eye and are determined to overcome them? Do you have a passion for code development and applying technology to solve the world's problems?

Here at Shamrock Solutions, we maximize human and workforce potential through intelligent business process automation. We are process solvers that specialize in TEBS (Technology Enabled Business Services). We have 15 years of allowing our clients to do more with less. At Shamrock, we work with our clients to automate their processes and reduce their redundant tasks using technology. Companies struggle with process, growth, and people. We deploy a robotic workforce to make businesses the most efficient and allow you to work from anywhere. Our differentiator is that

we are technology agnostic, which means we customize our client’s solutions based on the best fit of the software tech, budget, and timeline. We are a team of professionals that strive for excellence, efficient execution, and performance. We are a values-based company that cares for our clients as much as we care for each other.

Are you ready to master leading edge technology to adapt and apply to solve the challenges of our clients?


Are you unafraid to live in a consistent state of learning new technology and experiment and learn from our mistakes?


Some essential functions for this role are:

1. Design, develop and deploy custom workflow solutions with the capability to integrate with other internal and external IT systems.

2. Write high quality source code to program complete applications within deadlines.

3. Analyze business requirements and build functional specifications, including interface changes and process flows

4. Collaborate with a team to reduce the error rate, failure rates and thresholds.


If you are ready for this challenge, please send your resume to with the subject line to include your favorite cookie.

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