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Today, increasing economic uncertainty has sparked major industry changes around regulation and customer interaction in banking and financial organizations. As more customers seek financial support and guidance, banks need to respond promptly and gracefully to the demand.


Financial institutions have also come under more scrutiny to act responsibly and ethically over the past decade. As a result, regulatory requirements have only intensified. Adhering to regulations is important for maintaining industry-wide integrity, and the noncompliance raises the specter of limited growth and scale for financial institutions.


To thrive in the modern age, banks need a new approach. Employing the right automation program helps financial institutions meet customer and compliance demands, control costs, and scale with ease.

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Know Your Data

While financial and customer data is the beating heart of any bank or financial institution, many are grappling with massive amounts of unstructured content. The data locked within these documents, emails, and file cabinets is like gold – valuable and, when protected, a symbol of trust and wealth. Combine that significance with employees’ need for quick, easy access to data while maintaining compliance and customer satisfaction, and you understand the need to automate your document-related business processes. Banking and financial organizations face a milestone challenge today: Develop approaches and strategies to help their companies understand and build a better digital infrastructure.


Data is becoming the building block of almost every important initiative in customer onboarding, loan processing, regulatory compliance, and fraud reduction – all backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Success will depend on the automated collection and retention of data and the use of AI to add context and create a 360-degree view of your customer. Driving this business intelligence requires a platform that can capture, identify, and extract key document information, and integrate it directly with your other key line of business systems.

Unlocking your content and data is the first step toward true digital transformation.


Empower your banking community with the right tools for financial content and data processes.

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Know Your Customers

Banks use “know your customer” (KYC) checks to verify identities, avoid risky associations, and minimize potential fines. Onboarding new customers is a necessary, highly regulated process that protects both people and their banks. But extended onboarding can alienate new customers, and KYC functions are bogged down by manual onboarding processes that are lengthy, complicated, and lacking in customer satisfaction.


In financial services in general, Covid-19 is also expected to continue to accelerate digitization as clients expect faster, contact-free transactions across all services – a trend many companies have already embraced more efficiently than they might have expected before the pandemic. Increasing reliance on technology may also unfortunately open the door wider to fraud (often based on identity theft), which means digital initiatives must keep the safeguarding of client data front of mind.

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An automation process that combines AI-based capture technology with document automation capabilities creates a prompt onboarding process that accelerates adoption while maintaining security. Process intelligence and automation has a big role to play in regulatory processes such as KYC and AML Case Management. Applied correctly, automation can save significant time while freeing up employees to apply their skills where it matters most. Specifically, those involved in onboarding and financial advising are of utmost importance as task-laden processes continue to waste the time of dedicated financial experts.

Leveraging customer data and analytics is the key to digitally delivering hyper-personalized services to engage your customers faster. Automation can boost speed and customer satisfaction - keeping banks safe and customers happy.


See how over 200 leaders in Financial Services are transforming customer onboarding with automation today.

Speed Up Mortgage & Loan Processing

Whether a customer is buying a home or car or opening a small business, every loan application needs careful consideration, review, and approval. But repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone data entry create bottlenecks in your loan processing workload. Loan modification and forgiveness processes compound the problem. Most brokers default to slow, manual processing or rudimentary capture products that can only manage a limited number of document types, making the deluge of paper and electronic documentation that much harder to handle. 

Wouldn’t it be great if each loan application started with a simple digital form, whose data is automatically routed for review, approval, documentation, and funding— quickly, simply, and smoothly? Banks save time and reduce errors—and customers get the funds they need faster, with less hassle.

Shamrock Solutions works for the financial services industry to save time, cost, paper, and hassle from the traditionally paper-centric task of mortgage and loan processing. With intelligent automation, information flows smoothly and automatically through your systems, reducing input errors and fatigue, optimizing loan processing center operations, and accelerating decisions.


Smiling lawyer, realtor or financial advisor handshaking young couple thanking for advice,


Identify, classify, separate, and organize loan applications automatically


Route loans to the appropriate processor for immediate attention


Utilize fixed form extraction, table extraction, database lookups, and FuzzyDB extraction to enhance accuracy of OCR


Eliminate delays and increase customer satisfaction and retention with faster processing by reducing paper processes


Remove manual tasks, allowing staff to concentrate on providing exemplary service


Expedite deployment by up to 80% using 600 mortgage-specific out-of-the-box templates


Take advantage of a SaaS model that combines convenience of the cloud with the flexibility of a subscripting pricing model

Maintain Compliance & Manage Risk

New regulatory compliance measures only heighten the need for innovative solutions to compliance management. Automation offers a myriad of flexible, customizable automation solutions that can scale to meet your needs unlike ever before.


Adaptability and personalization are key for financial institutions, which must meet the unique security demands of regulatory banking compliance. Intelligent automation can power many aspects of banking, providing your employees the information they need – when they need it – to make informed decisions quickly.


Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions can do more than simplify and accelerate processes – they can also transform documents into usable data for audits.  The prompt, reliable identification of fraud, combined with the elevated oversight of expert analysts, helps banks boost compliance and prevent losses in the area of alerts investigation.


Banking compliance demands innovation, and automation is the answer!

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A strategic automation program combined with a full suite of intelligent automation technologies will transform your organization into a modern, efficient financial institution. Our technology solutions are specifically designed to be accessible and scalable for organizations at all stages of the automation journey, regardless of your immediate need or long-term goals. 

Ready to get started?

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